Co-Host of Gamer's Guide to the Galaxy

Alright? Stuart or Furyac3 as the world and his dug knows him as is for Scotland and has a true love and passion for all things gaming.

From a young age starting his journey on the Master System and finding his way over the years to the current generation.

From playing as everything from blue hedgehogs to amber clad super soliders odds are if you name it he'll have played it, hear of it or has a view on it though his heart lays with shooters and racers most of all.

Having layed his hat on a number of podcasts across the years fate now finds him aboard the good ship Dark Insight.

When not shooting the breeze or talking games odd are he's writing about games as part of his job at The Scottish Sun newspaper every Sunday where he reviews the latest and sometimes not greatest of games he also gets to interview a wide array of developers, personalities and characters from across the gaming spectrum as part of his role.

He has also be extremely lucky and has been able to attend gaming events across the world like E3, Gamescom and EGX as well as getting to meet so many amazing people all linked by there love for gaming.

You can find his written work over that as well as every Sunday as part of Scotch Corner over at

Stuart has hosted 12 Episodes.